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Projects presents Dan Baldwin: The End of Innocence, a pop-up exhibition of new work that will be on view October 23 of Innocence marks Baldwin’s first solo show in New York and his most accomplished body of work to date, illustrating the breadth of his artistic practice with paintings, bronze sculptures, ceramic pots, and works on paper.

In the exhibition, Dan Baldwin explores the concept of lost innocence by incorporating the detritus and ephemera of a long-gone childhood into his work, using mixed media to bridge the gap between abstract and figurative painting. From his father’s boxing gloves to his wife’s childhood shoes to his son’s baby teether, the incorporation of real elements with personal sentimental value plays a pivotal role in Baldwin’s work.

Baldwin’s paintings and sculptures create a landscape that simultaneously reflects reality, the power of the imagination, and the inner workings of the mind. The End of Innocence explores themes of childhood, beauty, and conflict. Baldwin adds, “I love a razor sharp line between two factors—fun and fear, love and pain, life and death, black and white—it all connects.” He finds balance and harmony in unplanned combinations and juxtaposing seemingly opposite motifs.

The ceramic works are part of Baldwin’s ongoing exploration into the realm of sculpture, now an integral part of his artistic practice. The exhibition features his first terracotta tile painting incorporating 3D cast objects as sculptural elements in a crossover from ceramics to canvas. Baldwin cast knuckledusters, guns, bullets, and vintage children’s toys in clay, rendering them as fragile objects. Treating the objects like a canvas, he incorporates precious materials such as gold and mother of pearl.

The show will also include bronze sculptures, marking Baldwin’s first foray into the medium. Wounded Bird, (Pathology and Trauma), 2014, a bronze sculpture of a female skull, reveals the tragic death of a young girl—a testament to the fragility of life. With a poetic, suggestive feel, Baldwin’s bronze sculpture of a young girl wears a dress once belonging to his wife. A small bronze of a robin holding a razorblade in its beak captures the moment between life and death, innocence and pain.


British artist Dan Baldwin brings twenty-three years of experience to the fields of painting and sculpture. Baldwin’s organic spontaneity is evident in his masterful ability to combine two and three-dimensional elements into striking compositions.Despite differences in medium, his creative process working with ceramics is similar and he recently added the use of 3D clay moldings and precious metals to his practice.

Amidst the edgy brushstrokes and sinister themes, symbolism proliferates in Baldwin’s work—from children’s storybook illustrations and images of war to nature & vanitas. In homage to still life painters of seventeenth century Holland, Baldwin’s use of imagery such as the flower, the skull, the bird, and rotting fruit recontextualizes these symbols of life, death, and mortality for the modern audience.

Dan Baldwin’s paintings, ceramics, and prints have been exhibited at galleries at art fairs worldwide. Dan Baldwin lives and works in London, England.


Founded by Pat Magnarella, a highly respected music manager, along with Roger Klein, a former major record label Artists & Repertoire executive, PMM Art Projects was conceived as a “disruptive art business model” in which they neither strive to be “agents” or gallerists, but instead work to insure that their artists are protected, nurtured, and recognized both within and beyond the art world. PMM Art Projects has presented acclaimed exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, and London, and works with a number of internationally-recognized artists including Charming Baker, D*Face, Miss Bugs, and Brett Amory.

IMAGE: Dan Baldwin, The End of Innocence, 2014. Photo Courtesy of the artist and PMM Art Projects.

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